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„You don’t have to look for me when you have a good product. I will find you.

The words of a Chinese distributor spoken during a business meeting; the substance of product strategy.

The potential of the Chinese market is uncontested. The population and the potential of the buying middle class call many export managers from all around the globe into action. Many legal regulations, business conditions and Chinese national products standards restrain many products from being sold in China. Selling of a given product is actually the very last step and is the result of preparations to exporting to China.

The first step toward sales for China there should be the protection of your trademark and the analysis of the local law about selling opportunities of a given product behind the Great Wall. Local product norms aren’t always the same like their European counterparts. Checking the accordance of a product with related norms and matching it with the law, also know as product certification, is necessary to go deeper into the market, especially in the model of a traditional import to China.

Selling to China is also possible with a cross-border formula. Its is a developing, open and very important selling channel to China, where you can sell selected products without needing a certification (e.g. some categories of cosmetics without compulsory animal testing). Although it is uncertain if this channel will be open in the future.

Chinese clients expect more commitment in the project from the supplier, than we are used to in Europe. They expect project and marketing support, budgets and special treatment by the export department. The unprepared producer, feeling the growing expectations from the customer and at the same lack of orders, is discouraged to continue.

I strongly recommend showing some interest in the Chinese market. I offer my experience and knowledge to all those who have chosen China and Asia as a strategic direction of development. I welcome you get acquainted with the details of my support.


There are many ways I can support your export to China.